Unlocking the Value of Recycling: How Bottel Doubles the Value for Every Bottle and Can

Bottel's innovative plan to double the value of recycled bottles and cans is more than just buzz - it's a reality

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March 28, 2023

Have you heard the buzz around Bottel's plan to double the value of all recycled bottles and cans? It may sound too good to be true, but it's a reality made possible by the culture and incentives we live in.

At Bottel, we've created a product with multiple users in mind, including government agencies, consumers, recycling machine operators, and traditional businesses. By understanding the values and pressure points of each user, we've built a recycling system that benefits everyone involved.

For consumers, we're enhancing the recycling experience by removing friction and increasing the value of their deposit. Instead of waiting in line for a physical cashback, users can access discounted deals from participating companies that normally cost double or more.

And for businesses, we're offering a direct line of communication to consumers in a sustainable way. By standing behind their commitment to recycling, companies like Oatly can offer half-priced deals that incentivize users to recycle even more.

But how are we able to double the value of the container deposit? It's simple - the money flowing through Bottel is 100% recycled, verified by our reverse vending machine system that counts every bottle and can. This money is locked behind a green paywall, ensuring that it's only used for recycling-related purposes.

By creating a win-win solution for all users, we're not only improving the recycling experience - we're also helping to spread the container deposit system around the world. Sweden was the first country to introduce a nation-wide container deposit system in 1982, and now our government is funding us to bring the second generation of these systems to the world.

We're excited to see what the future holds for Bottel and the container deposit community. But one thing is for sure - we'll always put the user first and continue to improve the recycling experience for everyone involved.

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