Revolutionize Recycling- with Bottel

Bottel transforms the traditional pant-deposit return system infrastructure by introducing new software to the recycling machines and consumer. Our platform propels the recycling experience into the digital age.


Transform Your Recycling Scheme

When Bottel is installed, consumers get double the value for recycling the same bottles and cans. Our ecosystem integrates digital benefits seamlessly into the system- providing control and clarity while doubling down on the user experience.

Universal Compatibility

Simplified Installation

Designed for effortless installation- Bottel works smoothly with existing recycling machines- guaranteeing a hassle-free and secure setup. No coding required for the deposit system operator.

Operator Advantages

Beyond Recycling: A Data-Driven Approach

Through Bottel- every recycling session eventually leads to an action. With this new data, finally, targeted impact can be made to increase recycling rates for the ones the recycle the least. Bottel's GDPR-compliant insights are the start of something great.

Retail innovation

Elevating Retail Engagement

Bottel redefines the role of recycling machines by radically by digitizing them- reducing costs and transforming each recycling session into an engagement opportunity to be learned from.


Rewarding Every Recycling Session

Bottel connects recycling to what the consumer already loves by letting users spend their pant on half price deals. These deals can only be purchased with funds from the deposit return ecosystem system.


Customized for Your Market

Our solution is customisable to meet specific market needs and requirements.

Transaction heaven

Minimizing Transaction Fees ↘

Consumer store their pant in a digital wallet instead of sending each recycling session to their bank account- Instead we allow pant to bank transfers when the consumer has reached a predetermined threshold.

Compared to regular bank transaction fees- this reduces the transaction for D-DRS by up to 90%.

Customer support

Comprehensive Support

Bottel handles all consumer customer support to ensure that the deposit system operator's day to day operations remain unchanged.

Operator tools

Operators Hold the Reins

Deals, charities and transaction opportunities featured on Bottel must adhere to mutual guidelines and undergo a screening process. Operators in each market have the final say, ensuring that only operator-approved content reaches the consumer.

Transform Recycling, with Bottel

Join the sustainable revolution. Contact us to discover how our technology can make recycling more rewarding for everyone.