Revolutionize Recycling- with Bottel

Bottel transforms the deposit return system, marrying the digital and physical worlds to enhance the recycling experience. Our platform propels recycling into the digital age, providing value for every stakeholder without adding complexity.


Transform Your Recycling Scheme

Unlock double the value for consumers and new opportunities for operators and retailers. Our ecosystem integrates digital benefits seamlessly, enriching the recycling process without adding complexity to existing systems.

Universal Compatibility

Simplified Installation

Designed for effortless integration, Bottel works smoothly with existing RVMs, guaranteeing a hassle-free setup.

Operator Advantages

Beyond Recycling: A Data-Driven Approach

Empowering operators with GDPR-compliant insights, Bottel not only reduces costs but also boosts consumer engagement. Experience the benefits of enhanced operational efficiency and consumer satisfaction.

Retail innovation

Elevating Retail Engagement

Bottel redefines the role of recycling machines, transforming them into potent tools for fostering customer loyalty and differentiation. Tailored deals encourage consumers to increase their in-store spending, converting recycling activities into significant shopping incentives.


Rewarding Every Recycling Session

Where recycling and rewards meet, the Bottel Store offers consumers the opportunity to utilize their returns on specially curated deals, ensuring unparalleled value.


Customized for Your Market

Bottel’s platform is adaptable to meet specific market needs and requirements, ensuring that the recycling process is not just efficient but also perfectly tailored to your operation and consumer requirements.

Transaction heaven

Minimizing Transaction Fees ↘

Bottel's innovative system reduces transaction fees, allowing consumers to transfer their deposits to their bank accounts once reaching a preferred threshold.

Customer support

Comprehensive Support

Simplicity is key for the end user, Bottel handles any issues through centralized customer support to ensure that your operations stay unchanged.

Operator tools

Operators Hold the Reins

Deals, charities and transaction opportunities featured on Bottel must adhere to mutual guidelines and undergo a screening process. Operators in each market have the final say, ensuring that only operator-approved content reaches the consumer.

Transform Recycling, with Bottel

Join the sustainable revolution. Contact us to discover how our technology is making recycling more rewarding for everyone.